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Arizona CEC Past Presidents

Arizona signed our initial state charter with the Council for Exceptional Children in 1966. We have been advocating for special educators, our students, and their families ever since. 

Our long history was only possible due to the dedication and commitment of many people over the years. Each and every president listed below had one thing in common: the courage to step forward and stand up for special education. Likely, they were also very busy people with demanding careers, many responsibilities, and worried about juggling work and family life. 

I’m guessing that makes them just, like, you.

If they could do it, so can you! See our contact info at the bottom of the website and join us. Let’s be courageous for special education together ❤️. 


Arizona Federation Presidents

1955-56    William Hall        
1957-64    ???            
1965-66    Doris Gaffney        
1966-67    Mildred Nash    (Arizona charter signed with CEC)    
1967-68    John Sullivan        
1968-69    Glen Hamilton        
1969-70    William Hall        
1970-71    William Trewhitt    
1971-72    John Nelson        
1972-73    John Nelson        
1973-74    Fred Smokoski    
1974-75     Thomas Roberts    
1975-76    Dave Roels        
1976-77    Robert Rhoton        
1977-78    Ellen Morrissey    
1978-79    Elaine Petersen    
1979-80    Steve Smith        
1980-81    Mada Kay Morehead    
1981-82    Dave Roels        
1982-83    Suana Wessendorf    
1983-84    Herbert Prehm        
1984-85    Jim Lambert (Lambournie?)
1985-86    Mada Kay Morehead    
1986-87    Robert Marsh        
1987-88    Dean Petersen        
1988-89    Mike Shelton        
1989-90    Kathy Knowlton    
1990-91     Donna Logan    (Started incorporation?)
1991-92    Barbara Harris        
1992-93    Joan McDonald    
1993-94     Clare Jones    (Incorporation?)
1994-95    Marcia Smith        
1995-96    Teri Renfro        
1996-97    Lorrane McPherson    
1997-98    Laura Love        
1998-99    Betsy Bounds        
1999-00    Jane Mullins        
2000-01    Jane Williams


Arizona CEC Unit Presidents

2001-02    Katie Barkley        
2002-03    Mary Platner        
2003-04    Lorie Gerkie        
2004-05    Leila Williams        
2005-06    Shelly Kilmer        
2006-07     Kathy Porter        
2007-08    Kathy Porter        
2008-09    Diane Grayson    
2009-10    Diane Grayson    
2010-11     Maria Berecin-Rascon (Changed incorporation name and Bylaws)
2011-12    Becky Padilla        
2012-13    Becky Padilla        
2013-14    Kevin Viktor        
2014-15    Kevin Viktor        
2015-16    Carrie Brandon    
2016-17    Carrie Brandon    
2017-18    Daniel Gulchak    
2018-19    Daniel Gulchak    
2019-20    Jan Crawford        
2020-21    Kim Peaslee        
2021-22    Kim Peaslee       
2022-23    Kim Peaslee        
2023-24    Corey Montaño


Tribute to CEC's 100th Anniversary | 1922 – 2022

Enjoy a 30 minute video Tribute to CEC's 100th Anniversary from AzCEC past presidents here or watch the 4 min. video trailer below. Cheers to the next 100 years!

Last Updated:  7 April, 2023

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