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AZ Legislative Update 2-26-2021

By    on 
March 01, 2021

This week held some surprises at the Capitol – especially in the House, which had two members injured in car accidents. Representative Frank Pratt (R-Casa Grande), who was hit by a car in a Post...

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AZ Legislative Update 2-19-2021

By    on 
February 19, 2021

Today marks a big milestone for the 2021 legislative session – it’s the last day for bills to make their way through policy committee hearings in the chamber where they were introduced. Legislators...

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2021 Conference Login & Links

February 17, 2021
The 2021 Conference is broadcast live from within a web-based virtual event platform and mobile app.  Within this platform you will be able to watch all the keynote and breakout sessions live, visit vendors in the exhibit hall and chat with them live.  Don’t miss the Award Ceremony videos and help us honor the “I Can Do It” students and our distinguished Award Winners!  We know that with so many great sessions, you won’t be able to see them all.  Great news!   The sessions are all recorded and will be available to you to watch until October 1, 2021. Read more >

AZ Legislative Update 2-12-2021

By    on 
February 12, 2021

Political fights took center stage again this week at the Arizona Capitol, where divisions between and within political parties seem to grow every day.

The Senate started the week with a vote on a...

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AZ Legislative Update 1-29-2021

By    on 
January 29, 2021

As the legislature moves into the second month of the 2021 session, legislators are spending much more time in their small offices than they usually do. Though some policy committees still hold in...

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